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Bottom line is this BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA will bring socialism to this country in waves. He believes taking money from the more well off and giving it to people that don't even pay taxes in the first place. If this isn't socialism I don't know what is. They hide it by calling it patriotism and fairness.

What ever happened to opportunity for all to be successful. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA  wants to punish this success by taxing it and giving it to people who have decided to live off the gov't.

....not to say some aren't  trying and having troubles, but don't you believe there are enough safety nets out there already.

I will vote against socialism everytime. I am an american and I believe that opportunity is what made this country the best on earth and if you take that away with socialism you take our country with it.

We are a nation of opportunity, we are not a nation of handouts. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA  would be a better leader in a place like China or Cuba. He's actually a citizen of Indonesia anyway, or at least at one point in his life, Kenya too so go home BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and spread your socialistic ideas to people who believe in it.

SgtPiv out

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Posted on: March 22, 2008 10:50 am


SO bump it up while I drink my beer and eat my cereal!! What a great day for some college hoops!!!


                                        PITT IS IT!!





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